Welcome to the Village of Fontana Fire Department in Fontana, WI



Fire Chief Wolfgang Nitsch along with all of the members of the Fontana Fire Department welcome you. The Village of Fontana Fire Department was established in 1930 and since its inception has grown to be thirty members strong, complimented by two fire engines, one ladder truck and a small brush fire vehicle. Our department is located at 190 Fontana Boulevard.

We have a highly trained, effective and people oriented department.  We are your community problem solver, during often unpleasant times for the citizens and guests we care so much about. Through this team work we are pleased to provide fire protection, fire prevention , public education, as well as fire inspection services. We provide these services knowing that our customers, you the citizens, the property taxpayers of this great community have a large stake in the service we provide to you. With that in mind we know that you expect us to:

:Respond to your problem quickly

:Bring enough personnel to solve the problem

:Bring enough equipment to solve the problem

:Prevent, solve, or teach me to solve my problem

:Be professional and nice as I’m having a bad day and stressful problem

Our budget is largely funded by the Village of Fontana governmental body, however donations are always welcome to help us offset the increasing cost of emergency equipment. One of the main reasons we are a municipal based department is because the services we provide cannot be provided by the private industry in a manner that would be profitable or cost effective to that private enterprise. Our department is non-profit, cost effective and strives to deliver services in the most efficient way possible. Our services   are time sensitive, people intensive and labor intensive. We serve twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, with an all volunteer staff. In this way we are cost effective to the taxpayer, by providing continual protection expending cost only when it is needed.

Our members make a commitment every day to you and the community in which we live. They will take great risks for a savable life. They will take well calculated risks for savable property. We have learned by other’s misfortune in this service that we can take no risk for un-savable life or un-savable property. Citizens, you the property taxpayer and our guests to the community are the focus of everything we do at the Fontana Fire Department as our work is done with you in mind, in heart and providing the highest quality of service possible.


Chief Wolfgang A. Nitsch
Fontana Fire Department