The year 1930, Village of Fontana purchases a fire engine in July, August a committee of 11 is formed to set up fire department, September department is formed and  (first name not available) Stevenson is elected 1st chief, and since then we have had 11 other chiefs.  Also all males over the age of 18 are put on the department.  These members had the option of dropping if they do not want to belong.

Since 1930 the fire department has gone through many changes.  The fire department is first housed in Coventry’s garage, then moved to the upper level of the village hall, then to the basement (now the library), and finally to 190 Fontana Blvd. in 1980.

Equipment change has always been one of high standards.  Seven years after the first fire engine was purchased a new and more effective engine was purchased to replace the 1930.  Currently that engine is on display at the FFD after being restored by members of the department in the early 1980’s. This trend repeated in 1955 with a four wheel drive engine, 1960’s with the purchase of another four wheel drive engine and a 55 foot snorkel, 1980’s with a new engine and a 95 foot tower ladder, and again in 2000’s with 2 new 2000 gallon per minute rescue body engines.  These changes also hold true with fire fighting equipment and techniques.

Membership has always been volunteer.  Anyone over the age of 18 is able to join and volunteer their time.  All firefighters receive state certified training along with monthly practices.  Firefighters also attend fire/ rescue schools, seminars, and live fire trainings.  Firefighters also work with other departments on joint ventures such as the Stateline Technical Rescue Team which is comprised of nine stateline fire departments covering three counties. 

Each year the fire department puts on a fire prevention program at the grade school and is available to talk to different groups about fire safety.